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Moving the Governance Hub

This article provides the steps needed to move the Governance Hub to a different site.  This will especially be needed if the Governance Hub was originally deployed to the Content Type Hub, which may involve some clean up instructions captured below in step 12.

  1. Ensure there are no Site Provisioning jobs in the Job Scheduler queue or In Progress.
  2. Deactivate all Jobs registered in the Job Definitions list and wait for all running jobs to complete their most recent execution.
  3. If the Governance Hub is Provider Hosted and using the Gimmal Job Scheduler as a Windows Service, ensure the Gimmal Job Scheduler service has been stopped.
  4. Create a new site collection for hosting the Governance Hub (e.g. ~host/sites/govhub).
  5. Remove the Governance Hub add-in from the “Content Type Hub” site collection.
    Note: Removing the Governance Hub add-in is non-destructive to registered components in the Governance Hub site.  You’ll still be able to get to the legacy Governance Hub settings for doing the conversion after the Governance Hub add-in has been removed:
  6. Modify the web.config for all Gimmal applications in the remote web (and the Job Scheduler config) to point at the new Governance Hub site collection created in step 1.
  7. Add the Governance Hub add-in to the new site collection.
  8. Add the add-ins deployed to the former Governance Hub in the new Governance Hub site.
  9. Export/Import settings from the components registered in the former Governance Hub into the new Governance Hub.
  10. Migrate the Gimmal Job Definitions list items from the former Governance Hub site to the new Governance Hub site.  This can be done either manually using the Data Sheet view or using a tool such as ShareGate.  The latter is recommended.
  11. If Provisioning was configured in the same site as the Governance Hub, and you seek to migrate where Provisioning is hosted to the new Governance Hub site, you will need to migrate any Site Provisioning Templates to the new site where Provisioning has been installed.  This can either be done manually or with a tool such as ShareGate (as with the Job Definitions list).  The latter is recommended.
  12. If the Governance Hub was formerly deployed to the Content Type Hub site, refer to the attached document below titled, "Cleaning a SharePoint Environment of Unintended Custom Actions" to clean the SharePoint environment of unintended custom actions as a result of deploying the Governance Hub to the Content Type Hub.
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