Crawl Properties not available to be mapped


Workplace Builder


Site Directory

Product Version

PH 5.1


Crawled properties listed below are not available to be mapped:
GimmalExcludeFromDirectory - ows_GimmalExcludeFromDirectory
RefinableString100 - ows_q_CHCS_Status
RefinableString101 - ows_q_CHCS_Priority
RefinableString102 - ows_SiteType
RefinableDate19 - ows_DueDate
AllDayEvent - ows_fAllDayEvent

Root Cause

 The ows_GimmalExcludeFromDirectory and ows_SiteType are from the Site Directory and Willow Site Directory content types.  They would not be present until after Site Directory is configured and a full crawl run.
The other 4 properties are not present in new SharePoint environments.  SharePoint doesn’t create these properties until the crawler finds them.  ows_q_CHCS_Status,ows_q_CHCS_Priority, and ows_DueDate are created when a task with a due date is crawled. ows_fAllDayEvent is created when a full day calendar event is crawled. 


To create the mapping, create a task list and calendar and populate them with values in the respective columns.  The above 4 properties will be created on the next full crawl.


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    John Capehart

    This article worked for me.

    Do you recommend waiting to turn Continuous Crawling on until after these crawled properties have been created?


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