Timer Job 'Gimmal Branding - Apply Settings' status always displays in a running state


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Product Version

(PH) V5.3.0


Time Job 'Gimmal Branding - Apply Settings' status always displays in a running state.

Root Cause

There can be multiple reasons for the timer job to be in running state:

1. Timer Job is waiting for a SharePoint resource which was not returned to the timer job.  This could be due to unavailabiility of the SharePoint resource, SharePoint performance issues, SQL blocking, etc.

- Force stop the timer job and restart it again.

2. Timer job is scheduled to run at a frequency greater than is required.

- Note the timer job completion times and schedule the recurring timer job accordingly.

3. Timer job is processing large amount of data.

- The 'Gimmal Branding - Apply Settings' job processes the following actions:

a. 'Gimmal Branding - Apply Settings' job initiation.
b. The job executes a search for all sites in the farm utilizing the “AllSitesTimerJobSearch” account configured in the secure store.
c. Iterate each site returned from the site search query.
d. Checks if site matches regex in any global configuration group with branding settings and applies branding if it matches, otherwise log “No Gimmal.Branding component settings configured for site<<site URL >>” message in logs.
e. Updates last execution date in Gimmal Job definition list and creates execution logs in Gimmal Log Storage list.

If the farm contains a large number of sites, and the 'Gimmal Branding - Apply Settings' job is scheduled for a period less than the execution of the job the job will be immediately requeued and will run continuously.


Review the 'Gimmal Branding - Apply Settings' job execution period and schedule the job to a period greater than the job execution.


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