When to run Governance Hub Encryption PowerShell script?


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Governance Hub Install package includes the PowerShell Script named 'Set-GovernanceHubEncryption.ps1.  This article provides some guidance around utilization of this PowerShell script for Governance Hub.

What: The script prompts the user to enter the path of the high trust certificate and makes a web config modification to store an encryption key generated from the high trust certificate.

Why: In 'On-Premise' Provider Hosted installation scenarios we need a reliable source to obtain Gimmal Secure Store list and store credentials.

When: The script needs to be run only in On-Premise Provider Hosted installations. In Feature Activated installations we do not use the secure-store list and in O365 we can get encryption information directly from the remote web or job scheduler web.config.

To get more information about what is Secure Store is check out Governance Hub Documentation on Gimmal Download Site.


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