Configure Gimmal Branding Manager to work with Search Center


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Branding Manager

Product Version

(PH) V5.2.0


A special configuration is needed for Gimmal Branding Manager to work with Search Center. To apply your custom branding to Search Center sites follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Governance Hub site and then Governance Hub Dashboard page from site settings.

2. Select Global Configuration Groups from the left navigation.

3. Add "New Item" from ribbon menu which should open new form page, fill out the details as shown below:

Site descriptor here is the key, for branding to work with Search center the site descriptor has to regex expression which should cover search center URLs. 

4. It should create an entry in Global Configuration Groups

5. Navigate back to Governance Hub Dashboard and select branding manager tile

6. Your new Global Configuration group entry should be visible under Global Configuration setting in Branding Manager now, edit the global settings for the group.

7. Configure the settings as per your requirement and save the settings

8. Branding Manager is now configured to work with Search Center sites.


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