Enhanced Search Interface\Search Web Part\Configuration Failed to get search scope settings


Content Governance for SharePoint


Information Governance Suite

Product Version

v4.0.1 IGS


The following exception is logged in the SharePoint ULS logs.

​Failed to get search scope settings: There was an exception in the Database. Please retry your operation and if the problem persists, contact an administrator.

Root Cause

The search service is running as a dedicated service account and the SharePoint out of the box enterprise search correctly returns search results.
The search accounts and farm accounts have been granted DBOwner permissions in the following search databases, but the search scope exception is displayed.

The search service account does not have permissions to query and edit managed properties.


1. Make the farm account db_owner on all the search databases.​

2. Add Record Center service account in the Administrators group of the search service application.

The Enhanced Search configuration pages queries configured managed properties to determine properties that are available as query filters and to configure managed properties as filterable in the enhanced search configuration page. The account configured as the search service account requires permissions to query and edit managed properties.


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