Removing duplicate library tiles using Exclusion list


Content Governance for SharePoint


Document Center

Product Version

(PH) V4.4.0


​Clicking on the Library Tile web part's "Save" icon when in edit mode generates duplicate tiles.

Root Cause



​Remove the duplicates using the app web's Exclusion list.
1. Go to the Document Center app and open it
2. Copy the URL of the Document Center app to Notepad
3. Copy the beginning of the URL up to the slash after {your site name}-Document Center
Example: PMO/Carbon-DocumentCenter
4. Add /lists/exclusionlist to the end of the URL
Example: PMO/Carbon-DocumentCenter/lists/exclusionlist
5. Copy and paste the URL into your browser
6. The Exclusion list is displayed. Delete the duplicate entries from the list
7. Return to your site and refresh. The duplicates will now be removed


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