CS Installer errors out with error message unable to activate features


Records Management


Compliance Suite

Product Version

v4.0.1 CS


​The installer displays an error that it is unable to install some features.

Root Cause

User Access Control (UAC) settings may be enabled that cause the installer to fail due to notifications from UAC with the logged in user account.


1. ​Disable the User Access Control settings on the server where the installer is executed.   Navigate to the User Access Control (UAC) settings and set the security level to "Never Notify".  Reboot the server and logon to the server as the SharePoint farm administrator account and relaunch the installer.

2. Run the installer as logged in user, which is the SharePoint farm administrator.  This ensures that the installer has full permissions in the SharePoint farm.

4. You may need need to uninstall the previously installed component and then continue installation if any errors occur.

5. Enable User Access Control when the Compliance Suite installation has successfully completed.

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