Duplicate Library View Tiles Issue


Content Governance for SharePoint


Document Center

Product Version

(PH) V4.4.0


​In certain circumstances, when the user clicks on the save icon (floppy disk with an arrow in the upper right corner of the web part when the page is in edit mode), a duplicate set of Library View Tiles may be created.

The save icon should only be used when a user has clicked "Hide Library Tile" or "Unhide Library Tile" and wishes to retain those changes. The save icon should not be be clicked more than once.

Root Cause

 User clicks the save icon more than once in edit mode.


If duplicate tiles display, use the following steps to delete the duplicates.

1. Navigate to the Document Center's  Exclusion List. The url is http://app-web-url/lists/exclusionlist
2. Delete all duplicate entries in this list.
3. Navigate to the page that contains the web part and refresh the page.
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