Metadata Rule Actions not applied on columns set to enforce unique values


Content Governance for SharePoint


Metadata Rules Actions

Product Version

(FA) v4.4.0


Metadata Rule Actions (MRA) are not processed due to the rules which are created on Columns which are set to enforce unique values.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Login to the SharePoint site.
2. Configure a column to enforce unique values.
3. Create a Metadata Rules Action rule on the column.
4. Add a new item in the library.
5. Navigate to the Destination library.
6. Observe that the document on which the MRA rule has been applied has been moved to the destination library.
7. Upload another document in the source library.
8. Observe that document is not moved from the source library and a copy of the document is created in the destination library.

Root Cause

​SharePoint will prevent the metadata for the column configured to enforce unique values from being set on the destination item in this scenario, failing the action. It should show an error in the app web.


Metadata Rule Actions that move documents are incompatible with columns configured to enforce unique values.


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