Exporting a record after upgrading displays Error Message


Records Management


Compliance Suite

Product Version

v4.6 CS on SharePoint 2010


An Error Message is displayed when exporting records after an upgrade of Compliance Suite on the Web Asset Dialog page. If the page is refreshed the error message is not displayed. This issue is also reproducible on sub sites.

Root Cause

 An XSLTTransform is exceeding the default timout value configured in the XsltTransformTimeOut property of the SPFarm object.


To resolve this issue a powershell command has to be run on the SharePoint server to increase the XsltTransformTimeOut property of the SPFarm object.
A SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update for February 2012 or later is also required to be installed in the SharePoint farm.
Execute the following powershell commands:

$myfarm = Get-SPFarm

$myfarm.XsltTransformTimeOut (This will display the default time out that is set to 1) 

$myfarm.XsltTransformTimeOut = 5


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