Removing Gimmal Enhanced Search as the default search from a site collection


Content Governance for SharePoint


Enhanced Search (IGS)

Product Version

FA 4.5


Some users would like the Gimmal Enhanced Search to appear as a web part and not as the results pages that replace the standard, out of the box search results page as the default search box in their site collection. 

Root Cause

When Gimmal Enhanced Search feature is activated in a site collection the default search results page is configured as the Gimmal Enhanced Search search page.​


See attached document with screenshots. Below are same instructions without sreenshots.

To remove Gimmal Enhance Search as default search results page in a site collection, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Site Collection ‘Site Settings’ page.
  2. Click on ‘Search Settings’ under Site Collection Administration.
  3. Remove the custom URL from Results Page URL and leave it blank and select ‘Use the same results page settings as my parent’ option.
  4. Save settings by click ‘OK’. 
  5. Once settings are applied the SharePoint search box is displayed on the site collection home page. Searching from the search box will direct to the SharePoint search results page.



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