Items on hold are not returned in search results


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Items on hold are not returned in search results.   Error Message "Unable to cast object of type" system.String{} to type System String

Root Cause



Uncheck "Has Multiple Values" for the following metadata elements - CaseBasedRetention, HasHolds, HoldsReason.

1.       Go to CentralAdmin – Manage Service Applications – Search Service Application

2.       Metadata Properties (on left navigation) – locate the three properties listed above

3.       Click on a metadata property – uncheck "Has Multiple Values" – click OK – Repeat for the three properties listed above

4.       Click Content Sources (on left navigation) – hover over site name – click the down arrow – click Start Full Crawl

5.       Note Last crawl duration – refresh the page after the crawl duration to confirm the crawl ran and verify that the crawl has completed.​ 


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